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Hair Services

Hair styles vary, depending on one's head, face shape and hair texture.

We are very highly skilled, always attending hair shows around the country to bring new ideas on the latest trends to share with our clientele. After a comprehensive consultation with a stylist who is attentive to your needs, our techniques will produce an innovative yet stylish cut that you and those around you are sure to find flattering.

~Men's Cut           $50+

~Women's Cut      $85+

~​Razor Cut           $85+

razor not suitable for every hair types. Please consult with our stylist of what best works for you

​~Blow-dry             $55+

There's nothing better than going out in style. Ideal for last minute preparation for that special occasion or just as a personal treat. A shampoo and blow dry is the easiest way to enhance your look. Your stylist can lavish you with a transforming style in a matter of minutes.

​~Conditioning Treatments         $45+

Adds moisture back into the hair that is removed by daily activities, chemically damaged and some styling products.

*All pricing is based on time used to perform each service.  Pricing is subject to increase if additional time or product is needed to accommodate your particular hair needs.  


~CAP HIGHLIGHTS                $110+

Strands of hair are pulled through dual plastic caps to create a natural highlight effect. Best used for short hair.

~Partial/Face Framing Foil              $115+

Streaks can do more than just lighten your hair. It adds dimensions that also can change the look of your face. Adding lighter shades to the hairs around your face can draw attention to it by providing a frame. That is why choosing the right highlights for your hair color and face shape is essential.

~FULL HIGHLIGHTS                    $150+

From highlights to lowlights, find out which shades compliment your hair color/skin tone. From carefree blondes or the sun kissed brunettes. Have our stylists guide you of what looks best on you.


~BALAYAGE                            $290+

Balayage is a technique where the hair is painted "painting of the hair".

Balayage will take smaller sectioning working on bottom part of the hair. It's a technique given the hair either a sun kissed look or most drastic blend of highlights creating the shading of dark and light. 

Highlights & Coloring

~Temporary Color                         $105+

Are you tempted to try a different hair color? This gentle color product is a temporary way to try different colors. Also, a great method to blend the gray away naturally.

​​~One-Process Color Application    $105+

Multiple colors are combined to formulate desired hair tone . Recommended for individuals seeking to enhance eye, skin and hair tone. Perfect for covering gray hair.

~Dual Process Color Application     $115+

Enhance and soften your skin tone with a two color process application method used to lift and tone hair color. Mostly used for lighter shades of hair color.

~Glossing/Glazing         $105+

Lock in hair color and reduce fading with cellophane glossing process. This treatment will provide high-gloss sheen to your hair. GLAZING IS USED ON MOST OF OUR HI-LITES.


~CORRECTIVE COLOR   (By Consultation)

Utilized in situations where hair color has been misused. This process begins with a color analysis. Several types of color applications may be used to restore hair to its natural state




~Perm/ Blowdry           $175+

~Perm/Haircut             $190+

~Brazilian Keratin Treatment $350+


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