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Hair Design

Serious Redhead

We are very highly skilled, always attending hair shows to bring new ideas to share with you on the latest hair trend. After a comprehensive consultation with a stylist who is attentive to your needs, our award-winning techniques will produce an innovative yet stylish cut that you and those around you are sure to find flattering.

Highlights and Color

Hair Model

Using only Wella KP, Color Touch and Schwarzkopf color and the most enduring and vibrant colors on the market. Our treatments offer a sensational new
look through hair color change or enhancement.  Choose from elegantly subtle hues to more daring contrast for improvements to suit your taste. Refine your look with any one of our color enhancement services. We are very proud of our specialization in color formulation and application.

Texture Services

Professionally Dyed Hair

The science of perms has come along way from the days of harsh chemicals with offensive odors.  By employing the more advanced chemistry of milder, yet equally effective agents, our stylist are able to produce full-bodied perms with a surprisingly weightless appearance. Your curls will last longer and your hair will be much healthier.

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