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Tuesday - Friday 9:30am-7:30pm
Saturday - 9am-5:00pm

  1.  Towel dry hair while using a large tooth comb or a pick to gently comb out tangles. If hair tangles easily, a leave in conditioner is highly recommended

  2. Flip you hair upside down and blow-dry with your fingers, drying at the root to add volume. Only dry halfway then apply your styling gel or mousse, continue with this process until 80% dry

  3. Section your hair in half to start on the bottom, if you have bangs start there

  4. Aim blow dryer down the shaft of the hair to keep it smooth. If using heat aim dryer at the brush. Pull the blow dryer away and allow the hair to cool (if you have a cooling option on dryer use it) and slowly pull the brush away

  5. Let rest of your hair down one section at a time, repeat pulling the brush down the hair shaft and wrapping it around the brush

  6. Once finished drying, you can use the cool button with your hair flipped over, or use some light hair spray to add volume

  7. When hair is all blown out, you can use a spray shine product or wax for choppy "stick out" style


  • Full colored hair always seems to make the hair feel thicker: Semi/Demi color can coat the hair and may appear thicker

  • Extremely thin fine hair will look thicker with darker color while lighter colors can cause hair to become "see-through"

  • You should always go a few shades lighter than your natural color or use a deeper base color and blonde highlights on top layers. This gives the hair more dimension and creates depth. It's a great optical illusion



Succesful hairtyles work best when matched with the shape of your face


  • Round Face - Avoid hair in your face, slight fringing instead of full bangs is a good idea

  • Square Face - Side part and nice layering is good for a soft and flattering look

  • Oval Face - This shape can allow most hairstyles

  • Long Face - Stay away from short hair. Soft layers around the face are alway good